About RadioPublic PBC

We are a group of industry veterans and visionaries backed by leading investors and partners, creating a delightful consumer podcast listening experience that is scalable, beautiful and impactful. We want to make something that people love and recommend to their friends.

We believe a diverse set of opinions and people will help us succeed.

  • We are growing the audience for podcasts and helping make shows sustainable for their creators.
  • We've got over a decade worth of relationships with some of the top podcasters today.
  • We're a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we are a for-profit company rooted in mission, with the purpose and ambition to create something lasting and meaningful in the world.

Our founding partner is PRX - the home of Radiotopia, The Moth, and distributor of This American Life. The New York Times, Bose Ventures, WGBH, Knight Foundation, Project11, McClatchy, Matter Ventures, UP2398, American Public Media and Homebrew are some of the investors who believe in our opportunity to rethink radio.

"What I love about RadioPublic is that they understand, in their bones, that the best thing for listeners is the best thing for creators. I'm excited to see the development of an app that brings us together and pushes podcasting forward in ways I can't even predict." - Roman Mars, host and producer of 99% Invisible

"We're excited by RadioPublic's ability to be a transformative force, shifting an industry and creating aligned values between listeners and producers." - Bob Mason, managing partner at Project11 and founding CTO at Brightcove

RadioPublic’s mission is to help listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of stories, podcasts, and other audio. We share public media’s educational, artistic, and journalistic mission, and the democratic values of open access to information. We are committed to operating a platform that fairly values creators’ work, respects users’ privacy and information rights, and benefits all participants.

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